Study Object Room

Each room revolves around a text. I invite my friends to read this text aloud with me and follow the threads that come up for us. We will share this conversation in real time and in the disjointed time of the internet. The record of our readings will be posted, the PDF shared, the notes open.


Tiffany Sia
¶ Sam Richardson
¶ Maya Binyam
¶ Zainab Haidary
¶ Sophia Hussain
¶ Ashkan Sepahvand

¶ Study Object Room is a series of conversations between Virgil B/G Taylor with his study friends.

Virgil B/G Taylor is an american faggot based in Beacon or London or Bremen or Berlin. He makes Fag Tips, an online speculative zine.

¶ Study Object Room was commissioned by Laura Harford and Nicola Wright for Studio Voltaire’s Desperate Living C-19.

Designed by Fag Tips and made by Fritz Laszlo Weber.