Study Object Room

Tiffany Sia is an artist, independent film producer and founder of Speculative Place. Read more about her work here.

Tiffany selected Lauren Berlant's "The Commons: Infrastructures for Troubling Times" for this room.

Read along, download a PDF.

A recording of us reading aloud will be available after our shared room.

On this website and, in the real time conversations, we invite everyone to join in the reading and dialogue and to do so with an eye towards liberation and a generous respect for each other.

More information about this text:
Environment and Planning D:
Society and Space

2016, vol. 34(3) 393–419

The room is small and intimate, but open to anyone who is interested. Sign up for the reading and conversation on July 9, 2020 (17:00 UK/00:00 HK), instructions are available here.

These conversations are open, and not limited by time or place. Anyone can contribute to the room's notes. Add your response to the text below. Reply to previous comments or topics, or suggest a new direction.

Thanks for joining us.